Julia fuck 14 02 2014

Ralphus - Thanks for posting the version of Senora Acero.

I was very keen to see it as it deals with interrogation which is my top interest, but I couldn't view the original in my country. Yes, of course, being a mainstream production it's not going to go as far as we would like, and I would to see her spreadeagled on a bench with those electrodes clipped to her nipples.

Maybe if the victim deserved it, but still, I don't think that's what the poll was about.

After reading various re-interpretations of the question, I'm still not sure I'm on the right track, but I did grok a few more plausible alternatives…

The kind of scene I'm sure you wanted to see (and Osouk too, and probably most of us) just isn't possible for TV.

To get that, you'd have to go with ZFX or one of your customs from PKF.

Thanks to the recent discussion initiated by SIM Researcher, I remembered I once borrowed a library copy of Sadism in the Movies myself over 40 years ago.

Given the number of GIMP experts who visit this site, it's not surprising to find that even the most obscure peril films, photos, art and literature usually can be identified by someone or other.Based on the content, if this is from an extended scene, it could give the dungeon sequence in Poll: This one went up just before I left, and I ignored it because, to be honest, it confused the hell out of me. In what alternate universe could a person who places a woman in peril ever be considered (as in moral and righteous)?“Good-guy GIMPer” – now there's an oxymoron for the ages. I've been banging on the door for over four years and I'm still out here freezing off my butt. Of course, at the time I didn't recognize any of the films from which the images were taken, but I'm surprised that after four decades of avidly following GIMP cinema, I still can't identify the examples posted here. Aside from the unknown frames in the SIM book, does anyone else have GIMP-oriented movie stills from films they can't identify? The text was dry as a bone, but some of the photos, though tame now, were pretty spicy for an impressionable teen GIMPer back then.Yeah, the actual shocking was relatively short, but all the buildup and her changing reactions...first defiant, then pleading and panicked as the shock box appears, and finally gasping and broken at the end..exciting and dramatic stuff, especially because the actress is so beautiful. In the same vein, you can't really expect nudity and electrodes on the nipples on television.