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Isaac's surname is changed from Rosenberg to Brice (and the dark-haired man becomes a blond).

The Nigerian-born Dinka is renamed "Yinka", as Yinka is an actual Nigerian name, while Dinka is not.

Calvin neglects the barbershop while spending time with his "other" family (Tanya Roberts, Christopher "Kid" Reid, Kendra Smith).Malcolm drops the lawsuit after Romadal attacks him.Calvin teaches Yinka how to talk dirty to a woman during sex.Terri is forced to confront her anger issues after her identity is stolen. Terri is attracted to the son of the new store owner.Yinka tries new dirty talk on Jen's gynecologist (Victoria Platt).

Jen competes with her sister Jan to find the perfect gift for Calvin's birthday.Additionally, Dinka was naive and slightly overweight, while Yinka is well-educated and muscular.Ricky, the reformed criminal, is replaced by a more hardened ex-con, Jen's distant relative Romadal Dupree.After discovering Terri and Yinka's drug habits, Calvin forces them to enter drug rehab, led by an extremely confrontational drug counselor (Kevin Hart).Eddie's friends question his "deviant behavior" with Claire.But here’s your first look at the upcoming romantic comedy Four Seasons, directed by Chicago based filmmaker Christopher Nolen (no that’s Nolen, not to be confused with Christopher Nolan of Dark Knight movie fame).