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Also, I want some references from Blue Sky Studios' Rio to be included in Cars 3, because I like Rio and Cars so much.Some of the references from Rio that I want in Cars 3 include: Also, I hope that Jack Black will be in Cars 3.

I would like it if they also made a Cars 3 video similar to the Cars 2 Royal Wedding video.

I also want Cars 3 to again show the pictures of Doc Hudson, as well as to reveal how he died, who became the new judge of Radiator Springs after Doc died, if Otis is a resident of Radiator Springs, who sponsors Dinoco after the King, where in the world is Rip Clutchgoneski's home country Republic of New Rearendia, what the country's land and coast along the ocean look like, as well as to show more of how cars will be able to hold, do and use stuff like pick up some stuff in a shop, hold money, use a pen/pencil to write on a paper, put coins into a vending machine and pick up the stuff from it and other stuff, as well as to show what stuff look like in the Cars world like cinema seats, the inside of a supermarket, a checkout and others.

Also, the German version of the Cars 2 clips has the announcer mistakenly say in German, "Cars 3".

The Animation Anomaly mentions about a joke tweet on Twitter from someone, stating that Cars 3 had already been announced.

This is my blog with about the possibility of Cars 3 and my ideas for it.

Please note that all of the hyperlinks in this blog lead to Pixar Wiki as I decided to copy the stuff from my blog and paste it here so it won't take a long time for me to make this blog. It will be released in IMAX 3D on June 24, 2016, five years after Cars 2. But Raptor Wiki says that there's almost zero chance of it happening.

Never say never." Raptor Wiki also says there's zero chance of Pixar using fan-made plots, which Tailsyochicken's blog and everyone's comments on it make a great idea for Cars 3.

See also Lukwisnie's blog about the possibility of Cars 3.

I know that Cars 2 had bad critics, but why would critics hate a film when the audience loves it?

Luckily, John Lasseter says in this You Tube video that he makes films for the audience, not critics and that Pixar sequels are not just about making more money, they have extra stories with the same characters from the original film. Also in this Clevver TV You Tube video, Jay Ward said, "You know what?

I also want Cars 3 to show some longer chase scenes than the ones in Cars 2, as I like chase scenes, but I like them more if they're long.