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Konrad Kujau faked sixty volumes of journals that he claimed were written by Adolf Hitler.

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She said he had been admitted there after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer about a week earlier.

Author Clifford Irving is seen as he enters federal court in New York.

He reportedly lived the final 10 years of his life, from 1966 to 1976, in near-total seclusion, even neglecting personal hygiene to avoid contact with the outside world.

Hughes' intense aversion to publicity gave rise to skepticism about Irving's claims to have interviewed the billionaire.

Local attorney David Billingsley told the Roanoke Times: 'She really is fortunate that she wasn't hurt more than she actually was.'Woody was convicted in January of malicious wounding.

The jury recommended a sentence of eight years in prison - two more than the maximum guidelines.

Doctors testified that Ms Irving's skull was exposed after the vicious beating caused an inch-long split in her forehead.

Her child was born premature but healthy last year.

Irving insisted that he had several clandestine meetings with Hughes.