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I love Ecclesiastes 9:9: The writer says to ENJOY LIFE with your spouse!

Ask the question, “How can I make my marriage the most enjoyable, fun, life-giving human relationship around?

We were making one on one time a priority, and that is what counted. If you don’t personally know any sitters, you can ask other parents you trust or traditional childcare providers for references.

We knew a few other couples with younger children and would child swap on occasion. In exchange, they would watch ours on another night. Our kids are older now and we no longer need sitters. We recently went on a strategic double date with a couple who have younger kids.

” I want my marriage to be so much fun and so life-giving that my wife will not need to turn to anyone or anything else for fun.

A few years ago I asked some friends for some creative ideas for dates in Dallas.

Our oldest daughter was born 13 months after we were married, our second 11 months after that, our first boy arrived two years later and then our youngest son two years after that.

Plan a date night at home for after the kids go to bed.

The advantages are that the workers have been through an evaluation process (background check, etc.) and the programs really engage the children. If the other options don’t work, this may be worth investigating.

Some childcare centers offer complimentary date night services if your child is already enrolled in the school.

This does not work easily for homeschoolers or those with rigid work schedules.

There are a growing number of childcare centers that charge by the hour.

Dave Carder, author of , states that one of the most common characteristics in couples that have affairs is a marriage marked/characterized by boredom.