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Female resistance traditionally includes reducing negative effects to mechanisms implemented by males, but outside the norm may include sexual cannibalism, increased fitness in females on offspring and increased aggression to males.

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Similarly, interlocus sexual conflict can be the result of what is called a perpetual cycle.The perpetual cycle begins with the traits that favor male reproductive competition, which eventually manifests into male persistence.The Scientific Method State the problem and observe conditions Observe or wonder about something in your world, or in your class,and wonder how, why, when, something occurs Choose the best optionor answer to your problem as your hypothesis.This will be an "educated guess" based upon both your observation and past experiences State your hypothesisin a simple, clear statement Hypothesis:a possible explanation for a cause and effect of a given situation or set of factors that can be tested, and can be repetitively proved right (or wrong!The trait value bar at the bottom of this figure indicates the relative intensity of each trait.

The differences between male and female general evolutionary interests can be better understood through the analysis of the various factors that affect sexual conflict.

) (Remember: A hypothesis is not an observation or description of an event, that is in the first, observation stage!

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It can result in chase-away selection, which then leads to a co-evolutionary arms race.

There are also other mechanisms involved in sexual conflict such as traumatic insemination, forced copulation, penis fencing, love darts and others.

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