Hack fb likes online dating

Now i was ready to get some likes on your Facebook photo posts. Just a tip: CPC as 8 works best for me but if you have less points then you can enter CPC as 5 and if you have a lot of points then you can enter CPC as 9 or even 10.

i Macros (click on it to download) is such an add on. So i first installed Firefox (click on it to download) on my laptop and then i Macros on Firefox.Finding the Script As script could be easily added to i Macros so i found a script in wild that would easily help me in the task of automating the process of liking posts on Facebook with my Fake Facebook id through addmefast. Set all to public and all the other settings below to everyone (important) For example timeline and how you connect make sure its all set to everyone. Now go to account settings you will see Subscribers on the left hand side click that..7your at the facebook page you need to focus on the address bar i will provide a picture below what you want is your access token....This is where automation tools like Kingsliker come in.

Kingsliker will automate liking, following and unfollowing just like a human being would.

3) Clicked on “FB-Likes.js” (It is shown on the left of the screen) 4) Clicked on Play 5) Then wait. 6) Let the script run,in the mean while i go and have coffee. 5) Entered the URL of my profile picture To get the URL: -Go to your profile picture and the URL will be at the top.

(You can work on a different browser in the mean while if you want but don’t touch Firefox) 7)When i came back i saw that i have collected 627 points and after taking my daily bonus the points went up to 777. -Copy the URL but before you paste it on addmefast make sure to remove the ‘s’ from “https” Note: If you want to copy a facebook post’s URL then just click on the time and copy the URL as in the image below 5) Entered the CPC (Cost per Click) as 8 So each time someone likes my answer on 4 points are deducted from my account.

You can download that script named “addmefast.zip” here.

Final executing Extract the zip file and you will have 2 files.

As we have made a fake Facebook account we are going to use the first file but if want you can make a fake You Tube account with some new email and use the second file. Macros” Then i started my Firefox browser and followed these steps- 1) Went to and & logged in to both my accounts. This updated script calibrates itself according to the speed of your internet.