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Synopsis: The first part of a trilogy consisting of The Box, The Box Part Two - Persephone's Revenge and Retribution this focuses on the lives of the people connected to The Box and in particular Bill and Sheila, who receive it as a mysterious gift and Ally, the boxes occupant. Faded blue jeans fitted her legs and bottom perfectly. " She was pacing around the room like a caged animal, her eyes focussed all the while on the black, square, object in the centre. It's got FRAGILE in big red letters written all over it! " "Of course it's bloody ours, it's got our address on it! She moved closer and whispered in his ear, causing him to shiver. "Oh Linda," She whispered as best she could, "I love it when you're angry! She studied the woman in front of her for a few moments. Bill stood silently watching the smoke issuing from the side of the box but he was also watching and studying the shiny object in its side. " Ally looked at her just a little longer and a little harder than she might otherwise. When I say take your clothes off Allison, I mean take your clothes off, right here and right now! When she finished she pulled it fully open to reveal shapely breasts nestling in a black strapless bra. " Allison's hands were behind her back, she unfastened the bra first time, cupped her breasts and fondled them gently for a few moments and then took hands and bra away to reveal them naked, the nipples proud and erect.

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" He looked at her quizzically for a moment and then it dawned on him. All the times she had been blindfolded and her ears plugged. And all the time she was whistling something, fairly tunelessly, through her teeth. " He slapped them into her hand as if giving them to a surgeon. Trying to pry it open with the screwdriver had proved a disaster and had left him with a cut hand and her with a torn top. She can't stay in there forever and we're just making things worse! I always hear YOU.." He winced at the still quite painful memory of the time he had mummified her, at her own request and, with great care and attention, proceeded to blindfold her, gag her, plug her ears and place tubes in her nostrils to restrict her breathing only to have her hear every word he had said to her whilst apparently oblivious to everything. "Mmm, but that's different, you've never been looked in a box with no obvious way of getting out." She looked at him sharply. Something vaguely wistful that suggested that it would, somehow, be a good idea, but before she could say anything he had moved back to the couch, hefted up the circular saw and placed it on the nearest corner of the box that had become their nemesis. You can't protect me all your bloody life, now let go! It was cold and slimy, the way you would expect a snake to feel and it was still moving back and then finally it dawned on him. The bedroom door swung open flooding the room with light. " Very slowly he took her hands by the wrist and lowered them until they were at her sides. Much grimmer than she could ever recall seeing before. " To call her reply snotty would have been an understatement. " She realised what he was doing as he was talking. Sheila, who, he was convinced, was somehow related to the mule family, was not prepared to play ball.

He personally thought that "great big Rottweiller" would have been a more adequate description but as he watched her now he couldn't put the image of a small Jack Russell worrying at a bone out of his mind. The top was smooth and it was nailed in place, the nails fitting into bevels like screws and impervious to pliers. " He reached out and touched it as well and his spine juddered. When some senses are taken away others tend to be heightened and although the noise at the bedroom door would have gone unnoticed by most people, the woman on the bed heard it clearly and strained, just a little, at the chains that held her in place.

And then she squatted down on her haunches and looked up at him. Then she looked up again, " Bill, there's someone in this box and we've got to get them out of it! She touched the slippery, shiny lining again and her voice was little more than a whisper. He turned because normally he would have been able to see whether the door was open or closed but all he could see now was thick white smoke. A heel of a foot with carefully painted blue toenails.

Bloody hell, you of all people should have recognised it. " she paused for a moment and put her head against the wooden side of the large, black painted box. Held in place by the pressure of the bags." Her eyes brightened and then dimmed. "Don't know…" The hissing had ceased now, only to be replaced by another noise. The smoke was now so dense that he wondered if it would set off the alarm in the kitchen. It's twin lay over to the right where it almost touched a heel.

" It felt as if his head snapped back into position. Also on the rumpled duvet were other things that suggested that at some point a series of fairly violent movements had taken place. A long white Goose feather, lying not far from her left foot.

The bedclothes were ruffled, suggesting that the occupant had been as restless as the straps would allow. She was barefoot but otherwise fully dressed for a change. He opened his mouth to speak but she shushed him with a finger to her lips. They moved sensuously against each other and then she felt a warm moist tongue enter her mouth. She converted to Hinduism and became more fervent about it than my dad ever was, which is why I ended up being called Virinder, but my friends call me Vicki." They were still holding hands and for some reason both seemed reluctant to let go. The doctor looked at her and her expression turned slowly into a mischievous grin. Bandy's breathing had returned to an approximation of normal but it was still coarse and rasping through the breathing mask that clung to her face and prevented speech. "Okay Miss Pearson, let's do what you came for – take your clothes off! A ray of sunlight filled with dust motes nearly blinded him, but he stumbled onward and through the door to the front room where he stopped as if shot. So close that he could smell her, a smell that was always somehow intoxicating. She wore no perfume, but her smell was there, warm and inviting as always but mixed right now with something else. As his ears became accustomed to the silence there was a definite pulsating noise coming, apparently, from the bottom of the box and there was also something else. * Unsurprisingly Sheila was as close as she could get to Bandy without actually touching her and now she could see the reason for the apparatus on her back. She pressed her lips tightly against her companion's and felt her resistance slide away and her mouth fall open. Nevertheless Ally continued to slide her hand delicately up the woman's thigh and now it was her turn to be surprised because as she got higher and the flesh became softer she found… "What were you expecting – a sari, a tilak, you know, that little red dot on the forehead and a motherly middle aged woman who tells you to eat your vegetables and not indulge in too much sexual intercourse? Doctor Chaudhari rose gracefully from the floor and put out her hand, Ally grasped it warmly. She's still the same, drives my Grandparents crazy even now! "I've opened this window and then I'm going to turn on the extractor fans in the kitchen and then I'm going to open every window in the rest of the place and if someone doesn't notice red smoke issuing from a flat in a high rise twelve floors up and get the Police and the Fire Brigade here fairly quickly then I'd be extremely surprised! She followed his gaze and in the bright noon sunlight caught a glimpse of something shiny about halfway down the left side. She stole a glance at the half Goth, half punk, Australian standing in front of her and became suddenly business like, but there was a twinkle in her eye. * Her eyes opened wide with astonishment when he returned to the room. " He put the electric saw down on the leather sofa and took her hand. I'm just going to cut through the lid at the four corners which ought to release it enough to let us get the screwdriver underneath it fully and get some proper leverage on it..." He looked down at his hand, which was beginning to throb painfully, "... Sheila was edging closer and closer as if hypnotised and drawn toward the box by some kind of spell and the second lid was beginning to open, both halves raising themselves upwards like Tower Bridge and more and more smoke was pumping out and into the small lounge. So thick that they could no longer see the walls of the room. Meanwhile her hands were stroking gently at her captive's body. The captive pulled a number of faces, smiling, frowning and generally grimacing until she had worked the stiffness out of her jaw, but she was still tied up, still blindfolded and still naked. Her arms, pinioned as they were to her sides, were trying to move and her fingers, held uselessly inert by the mittens and the straps, seemed to be trying to flex. A low keening noise that seemed to be coming from Bandy herself and then, all of a sudden and for no apparent reason, as both Bill and Sheila looked on powerless to intervene, her whole body began to shake violently. The writer asserts the right to be recognised as the author of this piece. "Well," he said slowly, "You could try Bandy's helmet for starters." Sheila came slowly upright. "Well the smoked stopped fairly quickly, didn't it? He didn't see her grasp both hands together and place them tightly against her cheek. The only other sound was that of the word "bollocks" being said quietly and through clenched teeth from somewhere in the hall. " It had been his Father's and he had never used it before - but there was a time and a place for everything. " "The idea is to get her out of there - not cut her bloody head off! For a few seconds neither of them moved and then he saw it. Smoke was beginning to rise from the body of the box, but it quickly became apparent that it wasn't the smoke produced by burning material because it smelt sweet and cloying and it was rapidly filling the room. She trailed her tongue up onto her chin across her soft peach like cheek, then delved it into her ear and then breathed gently into it for a few moments. " Soft eager fingers reached behind the woman's head to unbuckle the gag and lay it, sodden and dripping with saliva, gently on to the bed. Her muscles tensed and it looked as if she were trying to thrust her head forward. " He looked around the room, at the box and at Bandy who was currently standing darkly, silent and motionless once more, inside it, her hands loosely by her sides like an automaton whose current had been switched off. And yet the more he looked at her, the more he felt that he was being watched, even though he was convinced that she was currently sightless. Sheila was in attack mode, but attack breeds defence. Or rather, it holds the inflatable hood that was covering her face." "You're so clever!