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Joanne had already told Arizona that she loved her, but Arizona wasn't ready at the time. She decided to call her best friend, and invite her over."Hey Zona." Came her best friends voice on the phone."Hey Teddy. Suddenly the door opened and in came Teddy without as much as a knock. " Arizona said with a painful expression."That bad? That poor girl will never get a girlfriend""Neither will I" Arizona pouted."Sure you will. Look at me; I online dated for not even a week, and I am now in a healthy relationship with Henry." She said, as she opened at bottle of wine which she poured in two glasses and handed one to Arizona."Yea, but he lives in Seattle Teddy..""But, we're happy. "Oh well screw it" She said out loud as she found a dating website and started making a user and read it out loud because she was just too lonely."I'm looking for... When she was done and she had added a picture of her that she thought was good, she clicked at the preview button. She accepted the friend request, because she couldn't say no to this woman. I just saw you joined today, and I couldn't help but send a friend request after I looked through your profile, hope it's okay. :) I actually looked through your profile as well.. When Arizona told Joanne that she couldn't do it anymore, Joanne had been furious, but quite understanding as well, surprisingly enough. ""Her icebreaker was, 'how do you like your coffee? Suddenly her breath hitched when she saw the woman who had asked her to be friends. She had raven hair and the most beautiful smile, and amazing brown eyes. After five minutes, a chat box appeared and the beautiful woman had written a message.

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When she finds out that "the guy in the elevator" is George O'Malley, she starts flirting with him. In season three, Callie and George announced that they were married.Later on they divorced because George cheated on Callie with Izzie Stevens. Callie and Mark never were anything serious, they were friends with benefits.In the season 4 finale Callie, Erica Hahn and Mark are in an elevator together.Callie says Mark has been thinking about threesome all day, Erica says he wouldn't be able to handle them both.In the season 8 finale, Mark, Derek, Lexie, Arizona, Meredith and Cristina are all in a plane crash and Lexie is the first to die.

In season 9 episode 1 Mark dies and Arizona has lost her left leg.Callie and Erica start dating but break up in the beginning of season 5. The relationship between Callie and Arizona has many bumps. Her father doesn't accept that she is bisexual, they have a big fight that ends up with him cutting her off (disowning her). Callie doesn't want to spend three years without her, so she goes with her.At the airport Callie and Arizona have a fight that ends with them breaking up.It just started as sex, and Joanne started having feelings for her. Teddy only lived a block away, so they were almost always together. The girls kept talking for a couple of hours before Teddy had to leave because she had the night shift at the hospital. She typed in all kinds of usernames but everyone was taken. She figured she could maybe develop feelings for her down the road, but after a little over a year, the spark still wasn't there. She felt alone, and she missed having someone she truly loved. ""Sure thing" Teddy said and hung up, which had Arizona smiling from ear to ear. The two of them met when they were in their first year of med school, and have been best friends ever since. Now they were both attendings at Johns Hopkins, waiting to be heads of their own departments. " She said as she looked down at Arizona laying on her couch as if she were sick."Ya think? I know you don't do long distance either, but you could at least try. Arizona turned on her laptop and opened her facebook. "Dr Blue Eyes" she typed in as a joke, and now the dating side locked it. She typed in her personal details and went in to edit all of her public details, which everyone could see. On the day that Bailey gets married, Arizona finaly forgives Callie.