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Tina later falls into a fountain and strikes her head, which causes her to experience a vision in which all of the glee club members have switched roles—most notably, she sees herself as Rachel and Rachel as her."Rachel" performs "Because You Loved Me", and the club gives her a standing ovation.In the fourth season premiere, "The New Rachel", Tina develops a new sassy personality while it's revealed that she breaks up with Mike before the end of the summer after he graduates, and he leaves for school in Chicago.

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However she also says, that since she has joined the glee club, she no longer wants to do that.

Artie, a paraplegic, is hurt that she lied to him, as he had thought that they had a connection.

After dressing like Lady Gaga, she learns to be theatrical and scares Figgins into letting her wear her regular clothing by dressing as a vampire, which Figgins seems to believe is real.

The season two premiere, "Audition", exposes that over the summer, Tina began dating Mike Chang (Harry Shum, Jr.).

She, Quinn, Sue, and Coach Roz get a huge surprise when they find out that Becky's boyfriend, Darrell, does not have Down syndrome like Becky does.

They all get a big lesson when they confront him and realize that a person with Down syndrome should be treated like everyone else.In the episode "Dream On", Tina tries to help Artie achieve his dream, which is to dance; but it proves to be an impractical endeavor.During a vampire craze at Mc Kinley in the "Theatricality" episode, Principal Figgins bans Tina's gothic wardrobe.After a few months, Artie forgives Tina but makes sexist comments about her appearance, suggesting that she should begin wearing more revealing clothes if she wants to be with him.Tina shouts at him, prompting Artie to apologize and the two reunite.She cites Artie's poor and occasionally chauvinistic treatment of her as her boyfriend; she and Mike had grown closer as camp counselors together at "Asian Camp".