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it's such a relief to finally be home to jack off and fill my Asa fleshlight with my hot cum... I don't mean the 'forbidden fruit' angle, although that's probably part of it. The company was a cybernetics research firm, real cutting-edge stuff, and I was involved in some of the other end of it.

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But I told her the title of the movie, and she practically squealed.

I invited her to my house to watch it with me, and she sort of gave me a "no funny business, OK?

Sex, love, men, women, she just didn't care about it. And so there I am, working on ways to reprogram the human brain, and there's Lydia, who makes my cock rock-hard just to think about her, and I'd be lying to you if I said I didn't make that connection pretty damn quick.

Some of the guys at work called her "frigid", but I always thought that sounded kind of cruel. That kept me up a few nights, giving myself the old firm handshake, if you know what I mean.

The next day at work, she was really apologetic about taking the disc, but I told her that it was OK, that she could keep it as a gift if she wanted.

Hindsight being what it is, I probably shouldn't have said that, but what can I say, I was so horny right then I couldn't even think straight.

I wanted to try the triggers right then and there, but I also knew that she should probably see the movie a few more times, just to deepen the instructions.

She'd already been programmed to want to see the movie again, whenever she had free time.

" look, but let's face it, I was practically holding the Holy Grail in my hand, as far as she was concerned, so that made it impossible to say anything but yes. All I needed to do was get her to watch it, and by telling her it was really 'Song of--' By telling her it was really this movie, I could do it.

I'm probably not going to shock you when I say it wasn't a real bootleg copy of the movie. The only tricky bit was getting out of the room when it started. By the time I got back, the induction part was over, and she was..was prettier than I'd ever seen anyone, ever.

I always thought of her as "asexual." I remember she told me once that she'd never even masturbated before she met me... When I first met her, as a 22-year old engineer fresh out of college and happy to land a job, Lydia was still asexual. Skin like milk; long, lustrous black hair (she kept it in a bun, but if you ever saw it down, you'd never forget it); perfectly-toned body, with long, beautiful legs that she always kept covered up in dull, sensible skirts; and breasts that...well, she always wore bulky, unflattering outfits, so it wasn't like we got a look at them or anything, but when I finally did, they were perfect. Thinking about reprogramming her brain, making her more the person I wanted her to be... Lydia was in charge of writing the "desk decoration" policy, and she made sure that she was allowed to display the little figurines, and pictures, and all the collectible stuff she was into.