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So, it was only a matter of time before players started demanding more from their footwear.

Trainers should facilitate short, sharp movements and changes of direction; a key skill for any player.

Defenders favour stronger, heavier shoes with top-notch shock absorption to cope with their powerful play and big impact from jumping for important tips, while attackers and mid-courters want shoes that keep up with their fast, forward movement and adds extra energy to their play.

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They also need to have good shock absorption, as jumping for high passes or that vital interception can have a big impact on your feet.As an indoor and outdoor sport, many players look for all-weather shoes with excellent grip.The gel system is based on a special kind of silicon that enables optimal shock absorption, meaning jumping in these trainers is a breeze.The natural bounciness of the sole helps you to feel light on your feet.With the England Roses becoming one of the top teams to beat in the international netball scene, (pipping rivals the New Zealand Silver Ferns to the post twice already this season) and Liverpool hosting the Netball World Cup in 2019, netball is on the rise.

According to England Netball’s latest statistics, more people than ever are playing the sport.

Buy now These New Balance shoes may not be as technical as some of the other models, yet are a great choice for someone getting back into netball or playing in social leagues.

These are built for endurance and hitting the floor with impact, so offer great support while running and jumping.

Your feet are protected and comfortable and the extra cushioning means that the balls of your feet don’t ache after intense training or a day-long tournament.

The lining also includes two layers of memory foam, which over time moulds to your individual foot shape, making these the comfiest on the market.

Although sitting at the pricier end of our scale, either option would be money well spent, as the high quality of their build means they will last multiple seasons.