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I sucked her lips and flicked my tongue on her hard lit and she came almost as soon as I slipped my tongue inside of her the second time.That made her suck his cock deeper and faster with the pace of her orgasm.” I was frozen there for what seemed like hours before she urged me to move closer.

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After a few weeks on the site and after talking to many freaks, meeting a couple of people and having no luck…. We chatted several times through the dating site and had a few phone conversations before we decided to meet for drinks.

We went over plenty of our mutual ideas and desires while talking and the three of us were pretty comfortable with each other right away.

With two, one time experiences with men in my early 20’s.

Both experiences with men consisted of just jerking each other off.

We met on a Wednesday, agreeing that the first meeting was not going to involve getting it on.

That first meeting was full of anxious nerves for us all but we clicked very well.

I licked and kissed around her lips, gently brushing the hood of her clit with my lips before pushing my tongue deep into her pussy.

Her thick lips wrapping my tongue as it pushed inside of her.

She had soft pear shaped breasts with dark nipples.

With her dress off she leaned back to him and again lifted her leg, showing me her pussy. I felt half frozen and have no idea how long I just stood there before I heard Eric say “taste her”….

I have also played a fair amount with female partners using strap-on dildos to fuck me with.