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As long as you’re within seven days of the delivery date, and the item was sold by “LLC,” you’re entitled to the lower price and a credit back to your payment method in the amount of the price difference, or a gift card added to your account for the difference in the price.

The best way to get your credit is via live chat — just be sure to have your order number on hand so they can look up the current price.

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By doing so, I’ve been able to take advantage of the Amazon price protection policy several times and earned a good chunk of change in the process.If you frequently buy digital content like e Books, digital music, and videos from Amazon, I have a great hack to get free credits added to your account.Because Amazon is famous for constantly changing prices, I highly recommend checking on the new price of items you’ve recently purchased, especially on significant purchases.Personally, I like to set up an alert on my smartphone calendar to remind me to check pricing on the seventh day after delivery.This is done by informing them of the lower price on the Amazon product page — under “Product Details,” simply click on “Tell us about a lower price” and follow the instructions.

Next, monitor the item for a couple days and you stand a good chance of them lowering the price based on your information.

Plus, credits are stackable and there is no limit on the number of credits you can receive.

While Amazon doesn’t have an official price match policy in place, you can still request a lower price if you find one on a competing website or from a local brick and mortar retailer.

When they don’t deliver on their guarantee, simply hit up customer service via a phone call, email, or live chat, and explain the situation.

By doing so, you’ll likely end up with a one month Prime membership extension (.25 value), or a or credit to your account.

Because it’s not advertised openly on their website, most shoppers have no idea it exists.