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You can’t focus on everyday tasks because your mind is too busy trying to stay safe.Nobody can see those wolves but they feel real to the person with anxiety.So add to it all, the shame and embarrassment that goes with anxiety.

To make matters worse, anxiety writes a bad ending to every story.

Nobody lives happily ever after, and everyone ends up surrounded by death and destruction.

Even though we KNOW she will not get hurt, she feels the opposite.

I pity her, because I see myself in the midst of her panic.

But what if you don’t know how it feels to have anxiety?

How will you be patient without being able to empathize?Just ignore their fangs as you go grab some groceries.This is what it feels like to a person with anxiety.Her mind is battling between what she knows to be true, including God’s promises, and what she is feeling, which is terror.And then she hears, “Just snap out of it, you’re fine! Nobody wants to walk around feeling like their world is caving in.Dear Husbands, If your wife struggles with anxiety, I know you feel helpless at times. I know a thing or two about anxiety and let me tell you, it’s terrible. When the panic button is flipped, reason goes right out the window.