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The idea behind creation of this law firm was to present businesses and individuals from all walks of life from a single yet all-inclusive platform so that they could get valuable and productive advice on all kinds of legal matters.Diversity is our Primary Focus: Fadiga & Co’s lawyers in London are capable of providing exclusive, up-to-date and useful legal guidance in almost every matter relating to personal or professional life.Our lawyers are always busy in creating strategies that ensure full and comprehensive resolution of the issues that our client faces.

To achieve this, we ensure that we understand our client’s instructions without any ambiguity.

Most of our lawyers are multilingual and whenever possible, we speak to our clients in the language they understand.

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Our lawyers are capable of providing the best possible advice to business owners, immigrants, aspiring immigrants, students, couples, single parents, elderly people, public bodies, convicted people and asylum seekers.

Our lawyers are specialists in their respective fields and each of them have unique qualifications through which we are able to tailor our strategies and methods according to the needs of the clients. If a client feels that meeting in person or visiting us will be more suitable for him/her then we would welcome that.

We prioritise the welfare and peace of mind of our clients.

We also try to make our services highly affordable to clients so that people from different financial backgrounds could contact us without any hesitation.

We work tirelessly to find a middle way especially when families are involved.

We always think about the costs implications for our client and ensure that costs are kept at a minimum.

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