Facetime hookups

It also caused us to fight a lot more and caused me more stress than the relationship was worth.

I personally hated being in a long distance relationship.

I was always stressed out about what he was doing and felt as though I missed out on a lot of opportunities because he would want me to Face Time him or hangout with him when he came home for the weekend.

“Like it’s a relationship if you are only hooking up with each other and no one else but you don’t want to put a quote on quote label on things, it’s still a relationship, it’s just kids in university are afraid of commitment.”Something to remember while being in this type of hookup/relationship limbo is that you are not in an actual relationship yet, so don’t pour your heart and soul into it.

As far as the other person is concerned, you’re both still entitled to play the field a little.

I know some people who are in long distance relationships and it is working out great for them.

It really depends on the type of person you are and what kind of experience you are hoping to get in university.“Only a phone call away, I have someone to always make me happy when I am upset, I have someone I can be my weird self with, and I have someone out there that loves me for who I am.Another thing is to make sure you are communicating with the other person about your feelings so that they can get a sense of what your intentions are.“I feel like actual relationships all die at the start of university,” said Tersigni.“I feel like that’s part of the university experience, I don’t know why.This seems to be one of the more common “relationship” types in university.You could define this as either, “having a thing,” “hanging out,” or “seeing each other, but not seeing anyone else.” This is the person in which you hangout with on a regular basis, have sleepovers with, go out on dates with, and basically do everything a boyfriend and girlfriend would do — but without the labels.“If you were just like friends with benefits or hooking up with someone in high school, if the rest of the school found out it would be a big gossip fest.