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CRISSY ROCK (Benidorm and I’m a Celebrity) LEAH BELL, DOLORES PORRETTA BROWN and ANDY GREEN Gladys, Elsie and Olive are cleaning ladies who are about to be “put out to pasture” by their overzealous manager Dave.

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Positioned next to the portrait is the battered, cream-coloured door of Wilde’s cell at Reading Gaol, where he served two years’ hard labour for gross indecency.

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Brady, who had short cropped hair and wore a thick Crombie coat like one of the Kray twins, would watch the scene quietly before suddenly punching the interloper in the face.

If a barman intervened, the two women would join forces and batter him until he retreated behind the counter to call the police.

I was reminded of these women this week, while visiting Tate Britain’s new exhibition Queer British Art 1861–1967, which runs until October 1st.

The first major show of its kind, it examines the years between the abolition of the death penalty for sodomy in 1861 and the decriminalisation of homosexual acts in Britain in 1967.

It then passed into the ownership of his friend and former lover Robert Ross.

The distinction between friends and lovers was all but imperceptible among members of the Bloomsbury Group, who formed a network bound together by creativity, sex and an experimental approach to relationships.Manolo Blahnik is one of the most famous designers of Spain.Born in the Canary Islands, he opened his first shoe shop in London, before embarking on a career that made him famous all over the world, thanks also to the continuous quotations by fashionable main characters of \"Sex and the City\".As much about social history as art, the exhibition tells a story of friendship and courage, as well as of sex, shame and tragedy, beginning with the coded yearnings of Victorian painters like Simeon Solomon and ending with the joyous candour of David Hockney.Solomon’s career collapsed in 1873 when he was caught cruising in a public toilet.The exhibition is divided into six sections that examine the recurring themes of Blahnik's career.