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However, that didn't stop Liz from taking a dig at the pairby posting a picture from the 1968 film 'Planet of the Apes' which shows Charlton Heston's character Taylor kissing ape Zira.

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Read more: Newspapers think Google and Facebook are threatening our democracy The company told the Financial Times its revenues have grown by 45 per cent year-on-year and are expected to total £20m this year.Meanwhile, the headcount of the editorial operation has halved since the print closure, from 200 to 100.Piers Morgan says that he is ‘one of the most charming, well-connected, exotically attired and fascinating figures in English society right now’.Stephen Fry says that ‘for a man of his power, status and wealth, he is endlessly teaseable and humorous’.“By going online-only we freed ourselves from the unwieldy infrastructure of print and allowed ourselves to be far more flexible,” owner Evgeny Lebedev told the FT.

“It is still early days, but the first six months have shown that by being more nimble and digitally focused we can better serve our new, much bigger audience online.

Kelly Brook has just got back to London after a spell in LA, and it doesn't look like she's feeling the effects of jetlag!

She's already been to Winter Wonderland, the Teens Unite Charity Ball and celebrated her 35th birthday with a big night out.

Check out our edit below for plenty more party dresses, then style yours with court heels and a colour pop clutch a la Kelly.

The caption that accompanied the image read: '@kokkulondon @ethankofficial Heavenly Details thank you for my accessories for tonight's Charity Event supporting the Louis Dundas Foundation #GOSH #Elton John'.

Perhaps Liz's cosy date night was a way for her to get back at Shane - who allegedly spent four hours in a hotel room with Ultimo founder Michelle Mone just two days after their Valentine's getaway.