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“Jaime used the Find My i Phone app – which is like GPS – and saw that her assistant’s phone was at a club in West Hollywood called Bootsy Bellows.

So she immediately left the party with her friends to find out who had it.” According to our eyewitness when Jaime arrived at the club, she spotted Warren holding an i Phone.

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Apparently Jaime and Estella were at a party together, when Estella told Jaime she liked her bag.Jaime said the bag was her assistant’s, who later noticed it was missing.(Or who have no clue about i Cloud.) Here’s another story along those lines with some semi-famous names attached.Estella Warren is a former model who didn’t quite make the transition to film.I’m picturing Joy Turner with pigtails, smacking her gum and pulling Estella’s hair while she cries for mercy.

Joy would get her assistant’s stuff back and then she would steal Estella’s purse and take her jewelry and shoes for good measure.

So she’s not known for her sobriety, and neither is the other person in this story, TV actress Jaime Pressly.

Pressly had her own DUI, also in 2011, although she didn’t resist arrest or get in an accident at the time.

Update: sorry for missing the detail that drugs were found in the purse, but of course Jaime and the assistant claimed the drugs weren’t theirs.

Toronto- 27 avril 1996- A l'occasion des préparatifs des Jeux Olympique d'été à Atlanta, portrait d'Estelle WARREN, membre de l'équipe du Canada de natation synchronisée et modèle de mode....

She’s best known as the hot wide-eyed chick in the 2001 Planet of The Apes remake with Marky Mark.