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I had done this only in September, when I officially changed Rocky’s records from American Service Dogs over to my personal ownership. I figured I was merely looking in the wrong place on the website, so I called customer support.

All it takes is a keystroke for them to erroneously assign your number to someone else.

Lesson learned – periodically check your accounts, and make sure your dog or cat is still registered to you, regardless of how many promises the company has made.

Let’s backtrack, and I’ll walk you through what we’ve been doing. Holding Rocky’s leash in one hand, and a cane in the other makes doors tricky if I am out on my own, plus doors are often heavy.

Some doors, like at grocery stores, are operated by sensors, so that’s no problem. The idea is to train Rocky to push those buttons, so that I don’t have to.

When Ashley stays over, she sleeps on the pull-out couch bed in the living room, and Malakai joins her, but Ripley prefers to sleep on our bed in the master bedroom. The medication I take at night can be heavily sedating, and I used to have a hard time waking up when I needed to.

Apparently, one morning Ashley set her alarm clock, thinking she would get up early, but then decided she didn’t really need to, so she hit the snooze button. I also have to take medications twice a day, and I have an alarm set on my watch. You paid, the vet implanted the chip, handed you a certificate, and you were good to go.

For an annual fee, or a lifetime fee, they offer things like online registration, the ability to update your info whenever you like; 24 hour call service; extra assistance when searching for your lost pet, with advertisements and flyers, etc.

The basic microchip implant identification is still there, but it is easy to be led to believe that if you don’t sign up for more, your pet won’t have full protection.

I logged into my 24Pet Watch account, to see if I could just add an animal.

I was baffled to find that although my info was there, it showed I had no pets. Because Rocky is my service dog, I had even decided to make the extra expenditure, and had signed up for the lifetime support, at , for their full package.

” He said, “Yes, we received a transfer of ownership.