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Using the Supernova Light Curve Fitting Explorer ( Curve Explorer.html) we were able to obtain the distance of the supernova and its parent galaxy. about the dark matter, stellar nucleosynthesis and the origin of the elements.

The Go-Lab project helped me to implement IBSE approach.

From 5 yeras im looking for efficiernt methodology for developing studens science reasoning.Lei Bao from USA wrote that no school in the world doesent teach this skills clealy, but also is some reasarch which shows that PBL developing this ability.The students trying to make rational guesses on the answer: the hypothesis. This guesses should be tested through experimentation.If is a wrong hypothesis then we should try another "guess" after doing an experiment or some research.· Go-Lab experience (use of ILS (Inquiry Learning Spaces)/labs). · A fair distribution per country of origin (1 teacher per official Go-Lab country 1 teacher from a country not included in official Go-Lab countries).

· Date of request (applications must be submitted before: 13 March 2016, midnight) Should you have any question, feel free to write us!

It is a very good possibility to work and experimented independently and discover facts, properties from different topics of physics and chemistry.

At our last class activity we lear about mechanical equilibrium.

Best Regards, Go-Lab Team I used the ISL "Synthesis of methylorange in a microreactor" I firstly engaged students in the topic looking at the video; then I orientate them giving instruction on how to investigate on the net in the role of indicators, the chemistry of colors and acids and bases; students designed their own synthesis, making all calculation ipothesizing results; This ILS was made in 2014 before testing students reactions, and it was used by other students without the new classrom facilities, so this new test aims to improve it taking into account the new features.

Hi, Im Rafal Jakubowski from Poland from Junior High School in Gorzyce Wielkie.

Dear Go-Lab teacher, The Go-Lab Project would like to invite you to our next and very special event, the face-to-face Workshop “Innovative Practices in Inquiry Based Learning” in the Future Classroom Lab, Brussels!