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[guestpost]Lady of Purpose Network would like to introduce guest blogger and licensed marriage and family therapist, Dr.Candace Cooper, as she discusses the importance of dating your spouse. [/guestpost] Often times many couples in long-term marriages become complacent and stop doing the things that they used to do.So perhaps cooking together at least once a month, going for walks (while the weather’s still supportive), grabbing a quick dinner outside some nights instead of ordering in even if it’s from the restaurant downstairs, getting late night coffee (our bodies reject caffeine and we can sleep within seconds of consuming it), hanging out on the balcony with chai and conversation, more scrabble?

She writes for Preaching, Stiletto Woman Magazine, and Lifehack.Named one of the top twenty-five women who inspire by Hope for Women Magazine, Dr.I want to emphasize the importance of “quality” vs “quantity” of time spent together.Couples often spend almost every day together but lack when it comes to quality time spent.Below are some suggestions on how to continue to date your spouse and set quality time aside. Cooper a native of Buffalo, NY and is currently living in Atlanta, GA. Cooper is a licensed marriage and family therapist with over 9 years of experience. Cooper is currently clinical director of a community based agency, and has recently started her private practice A New Creation Psychotherapy Services. Cooper has done a numerous amount of work with individuals, couples, and families.

[reminder]What are some other ways you’ve dated your spouse and set aside quality time? She works with couples on intimacy, trust, sexual, trauma, and parenting issues. Cooper specializes in the area of trauma particularly domestic violence/intimate partner violence (IPV), sexual assault/abuse, and community violence. Lily Jenkins is the CEO/Founder of the Lady of Purpose Network, the world’s most purposeful network for women.

It was in March, nine years ago when I met N for the first time.

I was 22 and had moved to Karachi 6 months before that for work.

I’ll never be the person who will do grander stuff because that’s just not me.

But finding newer things that are still low-key but meaningful and different from the routine are now my life’s mission.

Do you remember the early stages of your relationship? Dating is a reminder of that love, that passion that you have for your spouse.