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They are a proud Chapter, with traditions and rituals that date back to the earliest days of the Imperium of Man.

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The Dark Angels' terrible secret is this: during the Horus Heresy, some of their brethren were turned to the side of Chaos.The Renegades were defeated in a battle that destroyed the Dark Angels' Legion homeworld, Caliban, but many of the Traitor Dark Angels survived to be cast through space and time by the direct intervention of the Chaos Gods.Yet a legend persists that at one point the Dark Angels teetered on the very brink of heresy and that an act of the most terrible betrayal dishonoured all of the I Legion's feats of valour, leaving an enduring stain upon all of its Successor Chapters' honour.Such is their shame that from that time onwards, the Dark Angels and their Unforgiven Successors strive for absolution from the sins of millennia past.This mysterious body provides a ready-made command network that the Unforgiven Chapters can utilise to great effect when coordinating their activities.

There is no presumption that the leaders of the Dark Angels have any inherent superiority over those of the other Unforgiven Chapters.

Yet, while Chapters such as the Blood Angels and the Ultramarines are lauded wherever they fight, the Dark Angels shun laurels and turn their backs upon adulation.

Even though the Chapter has stood side by side with every major arm of the Imperium's military, it has always maintained a distance and aloofness that sets its brethren further apart from the bulk of Humanity, and even from other Space Marines.

On attaining each new level, they are granted a little more knowledge of the truth behind the Dark Angels' origins, but only the highest-ranking members of the Chapter, the members of what is known as the Inner Circle, know the terrible, shameful secret of what occurred 10,000 Terran years ago.

The Dark Angels hold more battle honours than almost any other Chapter; its only equals are its own Successors.

The Chapter has fought the length and breadth of the Imperium and beyond; against every foe that has ever beset Mankind. s at bay, crushed planetary uprisings, and saved entire star systems from the incursions of the Ruinous Powers.