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They can easily arrange a fabulous dating to their sweethearts that would print in the mind for years ahead.Like men of other nations, Russian men have a huge amount of good and bad character features.telling about a story of a student named Ekin, who came to Italy on university exchange program.

Beginning actress played a small role in the serial of Asla Unutma/ Never forget.For the following three years Fahriye filmed in Hasret (as Songül), Cennet and Aşk Tutulması (as Pinar), but none of those serials was significant for the career of the actress. The filming process took 4 years and finished in 2010.That was a very popular Turkish TV serial – a saga about a large Turkish family that moved to live in Istanbul.And the family members could not even imagine what changes and challenges they would face in the big city.The majority of Russian families bring up their sons in brutal manner, so the boys become strong, brave, and always ready to defend themselves and their nearest and dearest.

Foreign woman like to apply to Russian men the phrase “behind the brick wall” and this is absolutely true for them.Though, it would be right if we say that the number of positive features overweight the shortcomings that are true for the Russians.The majority of foreign woman pay particular attention to the rudeness of some men towards women at the wheel and that men are indifferent for their appearance and look.The student tries his best to survive in Italy, a foreign country for him.The role of young lady Enrica was played by Fahriye appeared as Leila, a lady who after divorce came back to her father’s although she had never got along with him.Fahriye likes reading, especially books on philosophy, psychology and sociology. She is often compared to Italian actress Monica Belucci as they both look alike.