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One place where you can maybe sneak in a quick check is if your friend is already using their phone for something.

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If you really must take a call while on a date, it helps to tell your date who the person is before you pick up, like "Oh it's my mom," and then throw in an eye-roll for good measure to show that it's you and your date against this crazy technological world.

If you don't think you can tell your date who it is you're about to answer the call of, don't answer it.

Mia struggled at first, but she finally got her groove and proved to everyone that she has what it takes to follow in her family’s footsteps.

Royals aren’t the only ones who should have good manners, though.

Compulsive phone checking is a drug dealer mannerism, and drug dealer mannerisms have no place at lunch with your mom, or at the movies with your friends or on a date with a cop.

Put the phone on silent, put it in your pocket, and try not to think about it for one hour.And this doesn’t mean try to be all secretive about it either, like checking your phone under the table or pulling it halfway out of your pocket.There’s something inherently creepy about someone who treats their phone like a secret, and not a very good secret I might add -- you may not have noticed but the screen glows.According to my dad, who teaches middle school and so knows something about attention deficits, "At a minimum the rule should be you have to look up and visually survey your human and physical environment every half hour for at least 5 continuous minutes." Like never wearing sunglasses while listening to an i Pod, this is the kind of rule that keeps you human and might even keep you alive.When you get hit by a car you want people to whisper "What a tragedy" not "She was checking her Black Berry", especially because what's a Black Berry?If your group is larger than that there's no need to make an announcement about your incoming phone call.