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As a unique venue for weddings, the beautiful horseshoe shaped private cove has seen its fair share of romance and for couples that prefer to show their love in less traditional ways, the beach is also renowned for its adventure activities – surely there’s no better way to say ‘I love you’ than on the Lusty 750ft zip wire!

St Michaels Mount - Marazion This iconic Island has provided the backdrop to countless special moments and has been named one the top places in the country to pop the question, so loved up couples looking for the ultimate romance can’t go wrong by heading to St Michael’s Mount.

Steeped in history, Cork is often referred to as ‘the Rebel city’ a tag originating from its support for the house of York during the English 15th century ‘War of the Roses’.

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Cornwall could be described as somewhat of a flirt.It captures the heart of everybody that visits and ignites a passionate love affair that lasts a lifetime.A feeling of calm, relaxation and togetherness washes over you and this secret hideaway is the perfect place to share whispered sweet nothings to the serenade of birdsong...just keep an eye out for fairies, piskies and spirits who could be playing gooseberry! Lusty Glaze Beach - Newquay We could have picked any one of Cornwall’s beaches and declared them a romantic spot because quite frankly anywhere with glistening sand and crashing waves has the capacity to send couples starry-eyed, but with a name like Lusty Glaze this north coast beach, which is kissing distance from Newquay, has got to be a love highlight.Cross the causeway where a legendary giant once walked, follow the footsteps of pilgrims or boat hop to an island where modern life meets layers of history.

Time it right and catch the evocative castle drenched in the glow of a stunning sunset and end your heart filled experience with a glass of Cornish bubbly in one of Marazion’s many fantastic restaurants that share a picture postcard view of the magical Mount. Just-in-Roseland Church outside St Mawes has been described as one of the most beautiful churches in the UK and for £3 an hour you can pay for the church to be floodlight at night creating the perfect atmosphere for popping the question.

When Tristan, fell in love with the beautiful Irish Princess Isolde who was the wife of his uncle, King Mark of Cornwall, it could only be ill-fated and their tragic affair has inspired poets for centuries.

So for Valentine dismissive’s in need a helping hand to get into the romantic spirit, this local landmark and its magical tale is a vital pit stop en-route to an intimate meal in Fowey – guaranteed to fill heads with much needed passion!

With blue flag status and crystal clear waters Alicante’s beaches are perfect for relaxing in the sun or having a go at the various water sports on offer.

Fly direct from Newquay to Alicante with Ryanair between March and October.

In 2001, the census recorded a permanent population of 19,562, There are some pre-historic burial mounds and an embankment on the area now known as The Barrowfields, 400 m (1,300 ft) from Trevelgue.