Dating ideas for college students

You could also engage in a friendly snowball fight and/or try building a snow fort.

Your pulse is racing when you see that special person anyway—why not get a workout while you’re at it?

You can work together and build a snowman, or each build your own.

Cuddle up, light a fire, make some hot chocolate, and enjoy a relaxing evening watching your favorite movie.Bundle up and get outside with your significant other.Plus this date leaves you with a product that lasts for weeks and will remind you of the fun time you had together.In the wintertime, if your campus has a body of water that freezes over well enough, you could consider ice-skating for a date.Here are some money friendly winter date ideas for the chilly season.

Movie nights are great when it’s too cold to venture outside.Jogging, hiking, or bike riding are easy and fun dates.You can also watch your campus gym’s programming list to see if they offer any fitness events the two of you could enjoy.If your school’s drama department or theater club is putting on a production of interest to both of you, go! Similarly, take advantage of musical or artistic opportunities.Your school may regularly bring in musical artists of a variety of genres, and performances for students are generally very cheap or free as well.Game nights are perfect for a budget friendly group or double date.