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We will never know whether the Russian intervention was determinative in such a close election.

The stolen documents were almost uniformly damaging to the candidate Putin despised, Hillary Clinton.

And by forcing her campaign to constantly respond to the daily drip of disclosures, the releases greatly benefited Donald Trump's campaign. And they're reflected in the consensus conclusion of our intelligence agencies.

The Russian active measures campaign may have begun as early as 2015, when Russian intelligence services launched a series of spear fishing attacks designed to penetrate the computers of a broad array of Washington based Democratic and Republican party organizations, think tanks and other entities.

This continued at least through the winter of 2016.

SCHIFF: What is striking here is the degree to which the Russians were willing to undertake such an audacious and risky action against the most powerful nation on Earth.

That ought to be a warning to us that if we thought that the Russians would not dare to so blatantly interfere in our affairs, we were wrong.

To that end, we encourage anyone who has information about these topics to come forward and speak to the House Intelligence Committee. That foreign adversary was of course Russia and it activated through its intelligence agencies and upon the direct instructions of its autocratic ruler Vladimir Putin, in order to help Donald J.

I again think the witnesses for helping shed light on these issues. He's asked for 15 minutes for his opening statement, so I will go ahead and give him 15 minutes for his opening statement. Trump become the 45th president of the United States.

A year ago, I publicly stated that our inability to predict Putin's regime plans and intentions has been the biggest intelligence failure that we have seen since 9/11 and that remains my view today.

However, while the indications of Russian measures targeting the U. presidential election are deeply troubling, one benefit is already clear.

Ours is not the first democracy to be attacked by the Russians in this way.