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In a series of press releases, the assembled scientists reported that the new lakes micro organisms would have been isolated from the rest of the world for millions of years and therefore represented a possible source of new antibiotics and enzymes.British microbiologist Cynan Ellis-Evans stressed that the scarcity of food sources, the intense pressure and darkness of the subterranean lake, meant that finding advanced animal life at said depths would be difficult.After it left Mars, ALH 84001 orbited the Sun on its own, like a small asteroid. But its orbit changed each time it passed close to Mars or collided with an asteroid.

To get off Mars, ALH84001 must have left its surface going faster than Mars escape velocity, about 5 kilometers per second (about 11,000 miles per hour).

The only known natural process that can get rocks moving so fast is meteorite impact - volcanoes can not throw rocks fast enough.

In fact, there are 11 other meteorites, called the SNCs, that are also almost certain to be from Mars.

The strongest evidence for their Martian origin is that they, including ALH 84001, contain traces of gas that is just like the Martian atmosphere.

If a large enough meteorite or asteroid hit Mars, some rocks nearby on Mars surface would be blasted up faster than the escape velocity and could leave Mars completely.

The best estimates are that an asteroid bigger than about 1/2-2 kilometers could launch rocks like ALH 84001 off Mars and into space.

The new specimen is the seventh recognized member of a group of Martian meteorites called the nakhlites, named after the first known specimen that fell in Nakhla, Egypt, in 1911.

Maybe a UFO landed on Mars, and the rock became lodged in its landing gear.

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Scientists and laypersons alike were thrilled by the discovery and its space-related implications, but Lake Vostok was never mentioned again outside specialized circles until now.