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But not all do.) And when you're practically between homes and your home is your office, as it has been with Matt and his "Time Saver Home Solutions" company, one just might put in a filler address and forget to update it.

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"We went from a position of high income to like no income," says Jamie.

"We didn't anticipate the sharp decline in income we have.

In Iowa, if only one spouse signs a mortgage document, creditors have little recourse of coming after the home.

The state's homestead law dating back nearly 125 years to 1888 -- a law which might soon get rewritten -- says mortgages are not valid until they are signed by both spouses.

"I had a conversation with HR about it," Jamie told me during our phone conversation.

It didn't affect her employment status, as she continued on there, but it was awkward.Matt dialed his wife's cell phone, but didn't reach her; so in a rushed session he signed the papers without her, finalizing a 0,000 mortgage for 100 percent of the sale price, which included an additional ,000 to finish the basement.It was that circumstance that got them off the hook for a defaulted mortgage loan; and you might just be surprised at how that led to them now owning the home outright without having paid but one mortgage payment.First Horizon sold the REO property in June 2008 for 9,500, about a year after the Danielsons had last made a payment.Not only did the foreclosure take its toll on Jamie's credit, but it also strained her work environment, since the loan was obtained through her employer, First Horizon.And then there is how Matt's income has fallen to zero from the original loan application that indicated his monthly income at the time was ,000, coming from his Car Wholesalers company at "1234 Fifth Street," an address that the reports has never been registered with the Iowa secretary of state.