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Category one people will find attractive those agencies where volume is on offer - these will tend to be internet-based solutions.

It's worth coming up with a list of criteria you want from a dating site.Some offer more sophisticated matching than others, based on psychometric techniques often used in recruitment and off-line agencies.The difficulty with choosing the dating site for you is getting past the fact that you more or less have to sign up to see what they're like.Though there are review sites which will give you a feel for what to expect, eg: However, because it's so easy to sign up, anyone can, so you should expect to have to do a fair degree of sifting to find people like you.

You should also bear in mind: Category two people are generally likely to be better off with solutions where they can be reasonably sure that people they meet are also looking for a serious relationship.It claims to offer a “safer and more credible alternative” to dating websites.So in May last year Aileen stumped up £1,295 for membership.A few dating sites are members of the ABIA (see below) and there are several benefits to choosing one of these, namely: It's wise to work out your criteria before you begin searching, as the ways offline agencies work can vary.Many also offer services beyond straightforward introductions. Some (again like RSVP Dating Agency) offer services like dating coaching and dating workshops.These are more likely to be off-line agencies who take the time and effort to interview every client .