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She reportedly thinks Guzman is trying to scare her out of testifying against her.

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The Loyal singer kept his look simple and cohesive by wearing a pair of all white lace-up sneakers.While inside, Chris rocked black sunglasses and made sure to flash his bold diamond ring as he danced in the middle of the gymnasium.He released 57 new songs as an early Christmas gift to fans.And Chris Brown is the gift that keeps on giving, as he makes a surprise appearance at Colombia Middle School in Decatur, Georgia, on Friday.They did little to quash the speculation by sharing snaps of their time together, often with gushing captions.

They were also caught on camera getting steamy on the dance floor at a private winter-wonderland themed prom in LA.

Sozahdah has recorded and posted a song that threatens Nia and Royalty, the site noted.'I really hate this b*** / I won't take my foot off your neck / You lucky I love your little daughter like I do, do 'cause we woulda already run the f*** up on you, you,' she sang.

Scary: Shakur has recorded and posted a song that seemingly threatens Nia and Royalty, TMZ noted.

She wrote: 'you’re spooked you will be further exposed in your child support/custody hearing so you want to assassinate my character and use scare tactics threatening me and my family so I don’t testify.'This comes one day after TMZ reported that Guzman took out a restraining order against Sozahdah on Monday after allegedly receiving death threats from her as well as hints that she wants to kidnap Royalty.

Guzman filed a police report and TMZ saw the paperwork for the orders.

Fans may recall that Brown's love rival also dated his ex-girlfriend, Rihanna, following their public split in 2009.