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Abbas proved himself in the classroom, on the debating platform and as hakim in sports. Intramurals A-MAJID ISMAIL A quiet, pleasant personality will (any A-Majid far in his life's pur- suits. I) i h riling Dranmlit * BAGHDAD AMIR AL-MAWLAWI A strong and sturdy athlete, Amir shone in football and track. Mathematics was his favorite sub- ject and engineering awaits him after graduation. Fifth Row, left to right: AM al-Hasani, Wisam Saigh, Nizaq A-Majid. With the interest and assistance of these promoters of the Apostleship of Prayer, over 4000 Morning Offering cards were distributed each month, teaching the faithful to pray not only for their personal interests, but for the salvation of all men. £,j J-I j, l^l 4j L1- 3 ±1 O ,7 0.£ - TJ.-S 9k- ■= r t; ^ £ i t CL E 3 - X & 132 A L I^RAQI THE ALUMNI SODAUSTS of BAGHDAD COLLEGE Earnestly beq God's Blessing on THE CLASS OF 1960 Through Mary our Immaculate Mother PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS B. Alumni Salute The Class of 1960 • V; 134 AL IRAQI ■ ^.'^'^'v ■ ; '? Both programs of study are similar to those offered in colleges and universities in the United States and are of the same standard. Cafeteria ' / wzwm Ete View of Campus from southeast Gulbenkian Spellman Business Cafeteria Engineering Faculty Administration Building Residence Building AL-HIKMA UNIVERSITY CURRICULUM IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION FIRST YEAR 3 Arabic 3 Economics 3 English 3 History 3 Mathematical and Statistical Analysis THIRD YEAR 3 Accounting 3 Business Law 3 Statistics, Corporation Finance 3 Industrial Organization 4 Philosophy CURRICULUM IN PHYSICS Vl Top Row 7th 6th Row Row 5th Row 4th 3th Row Rozv 2th Row 1st Rozv left to right : Husain Afnan, Hazim Atiyva, Nuri al-Saidi, Frederick Edward, Sirbest Qazzaz, Mahir Nuraddin, Faiq al-Qazwini, missing: Ajil and Naif al-Hathal.

Assistanl Principal ADMINISTRATION ilic Treasurer M i . A '' BAGHDAD ABBAS AL-JAMALI Tall of stature and ambition. He has selected civil engineering for his future occupation. The meetings for the older students, the Captains of the Sacred Heart, were held on Fridays after school, and this year centered around the teachings of the great encyclical letter on the Sacred Heart written by the late Pope Pius XII. In the hands of the medical profession they have proved to be successful remedies. Instruction, except in Arabic literature courses, is in English.

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Apostleship of Prayei Debating Scientific Academy Dramatit i Library Sin// Elocution Contest SENIOR Mr. First Row: Livon Dramirian, Amir Edward, Dilair Arma- ghani, Fr. J., Sabah al-Ubaidi, Nabil al-Azzawi, Mukhlis Edward. Yahya Barsoum Fifth Row, left to right: Surin Wartanian, Victor Kivorkian, Salih al-Nassuli, Peter John, Azam Rabia, Ghalib Saigh. Second Row: Muhammad al-Shakarji, Basil Hanna, Hafidh Abbas, George Yuil, Nadhir Abbas, Sabah Dawisha, Nazar Daud. A series of days of recollection on school holidays, a pilgrimage to the churches of Baghdad, daily Mass and Rosary in the Sodality chapel — these were some of the signs indicating our pursuit of the first aim, A school-wide collection of clothing for the poor, teaching catechism in Sulaikh and the Gailani camp, spread of devotion to Mary and Her Rosary, frequent reception of the Eucharist in and out of school — these were some of the activities inspired by the second aim. 747* PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS AL IRAQI 139 fl&t Cl GYM SHOES A MUST FOR ALL SPORTS TIhe are mac Ie of superior w Ihi'te, NAvy blu E, b ROWN or q REy duck wjt Ih Thick outer so Ie JUMBO — sp ECJAlly buil T fo R youqs TERS ANd ^fg| . A-^o-WI 0; ji JI J^Jc]\» JUil (j^j ^J jl j Jb Ui J ao UJi Jl^j . 5j-iil Jl jj V, i^l Jl jj Jl - o JL^UU Jl ryxil ,0)1 do Jl Jy^ Jl — 1 j U-U JJUaill JU c jtf JU J ^j y*~J ^JL&I. A strong interest in chemistry points to thai field for the future. Second Row: Kadhim Nasir, Talal Fuad, Namir Faiq, Mushtaq Matti, Nidhal Mansur, Raad A-Jabbar, Varujan Wartkis. Third Row: Fakhri al-Hilali, Albert Marugil, Ramzi George, Munthar Philip, AM Shamsaddin, Muhammad Khalil, Zuhair Balal. Our Sodality activity has followed the recognized Sodality program aiming at holiness among its members and aid to others, both spiritual and temporal. Jlilj 4^- -)c\ Ja V JI'^Jl IJLa aj U-I jp J/j-il v» ^ ti lib ^j ^jli^.1 Li Ijo^-lj . — A^jy Jl A4^/lj jl^il s__-*-i Jl Z*j£- *X-\p Slji jj J^Ss^- ^-U a Jj JI jlj Aj^lll o;^l J j Lui ^jl — j lil — V . X*»il , Ip v_a5o1i Iaji-o JI**i1 jlj a^».iv«/» Lj aj — £ . ^_jcl Jl Ijla s L/I y~l L^a J , " i m « •* * ^ - - - v" - -. Debating Elocution Contest Football y^j Lj J\ o o ALBERT SITRAKIAN Tall, reserved and dependable, Al- bert was prominent in dramatics and debating. I In (I Row: Nufal al-Hafldh, Khalis Mahmud, Faris Farid, Haik Mardiros, Muayyad Kadhim, Matti Tabib, Sahran Ibrahim. Basil al-Qaisi was Production Manager for the plays, while Harvey Parhad served as Student Director. ) K ' f""' \ boo T fo R fi Eld TRAi NJNc ANd a II ki Nds of M}Wk\ Sp ORTS. / You will ENJOy THE Mt ANd suppo RT of This "f \ l^ f AMOUS bo OT yk Siz ES 12 1 45o fils ' \ J^u c i • -*^ \*jjjiip Spellman Faculty Residence FOUNDED IN 1956 BY THE JESUIT FATHERS WHO SINCE 1932 HAVE CONDUCTED BAGHDAD COLLEGE » . Nuri al-Qaisi A-JABBAR MAHMUD Amiable and interesting at all times A-Jabbar enjoyed debating and en- tered many an elocution contest. The appeal of physics may lead him into mechanical en- gineering. Fourth Row: Daud al-Rahhal, Albert Baba, Luay Philip, Vahe Haik, Najat al-Dabbagh, Joseph Abukhatir, Isam al-Mahawili. First Row: George Hayrak, Haitham Saiflddin, Fadhil al- Khaffaji, Fr. Council planning Members at discussion meeting Candidates who have met the challenge of such a program and are striving to practise the Sodality way of life this year are : 5th High Adnan Jezrawi Antwan Khawwam Baha Zara Daud Leon Hanna Miraziz Jamal Rahmani Kamal Dinkha Munthar Naman Muwaffaq Edward Muwaffaq Simani Nabil Faraj Nabil Francis Nadim Naumi Sabah Tonietti Sami Halata Sardun Hermes Wayil Hindu 4th High Adnan Bahnam Adil Wadi Frederick Edward Imad Khadduri Matti Wadi Munib al-Shaikh Safa Ashkuri Shawqi Yusuf Usam Khairi Wasif Shammami Zahir Abbosh Abdullah Ephrem Khalil Sagman 3rd High Anan Alios Faris Nasir Fawzi al-Dabbagh Gabriel Hindu George Jamil Iyad Kurukchi John Maqsud Munthar Kamil Nasir Yaqub Nihad Abaji Ramzi Loqa Sabri Akkash OUR LADY'S SODALITY Fr. THE DEAR DEPARTED THE DEAR DEPARTED by Stanley Houghton in an Arabic translation, and INCIDENT AT A YOUNG OAK by Robert Farrcll were presented by the Baghdad College Players at Al Sha'ab Hall on December 1 1 and 12. Sp ORTSMEN f ROM WHJTE, b ROWN OR q REy CANVAS Siz Es 2-5 39o fils ^ 6 11 45o fils ' l )\*% HOCKEY BOOT — Unexce Uec] as an a IIrounc! Debating Scientific Academy SABAH HARUTUNIAN This earnest young man has con- tributed much to B. His fondness for mathematics should bring success in engineering. Often seen with camera in hand, he showed wonderful school spirit at intramural sporting events. r Fifth Row, left to right: Nubar Jirair, Ashur Dick, Muham- mad al-Pachachi, Jawad Tuma. Second Row: Awni Makiyya, Dhaflr Faraj, Usama George, Jamal Ziyya, Amir al-Naib, Saad Asad, Roy Antranik. First Row: Qais Butros, A-Masih Francis, Salih Yunis, Fr.

Sodality Apostleshiji of Prayer Debating Dramatics SABAH \l.-ni Tl \ happy . A liking for physics will lead him into civil engineering. Jasim al-Abudi Fifth Row, left to right: Krikor Wartkissian, Zuhair al-Uthari, A-Razzaq Aziz, George Abbu, Nasir Yaqub, Victor Nimrud. Fourth Row: Bahnam George, Maad Madhat, Faisal Ahmad, Basil Shammas, Freddy Saati, Hilal Naib, Muayyad Rashid. I ii l Row: George Nuri, Mufld Hassu, Claude de Marchi_ Fr.

HIS BEATITUDE, MOST REVEREND PAUL II CHEIKHO, Chaldean Patriarch of Babylon VERY REVEREND MICHAEL J. Apostleship of Prayer Debating Dramatics Library Staff Elocution (si Al-Iraqi Staff LINCOLN JOHN A zealous and successful student, Lincoln also excelled on the football field. His liking lor biology lias grown into a desire to I)'- a biologi ■ thip "/ Prqyei Dramatit i COLLEGE MAAN IIAMII) A pleasant and sociable companion] Maan was an active member of the debating academy. Apostleship of Prayer Debating Scientific Academy Al- Iraqi Staff Track V_^ JL./\o o RAFI BABAIAN A quiet student, but one rich in talent and imagination, Rah" was active in the Scientific Academy as well as in several major sports. His hopes for the future center around mechanical engi- neering. ROGER PAHLAWAN A friendly big man, greatly admired by his classmates, Roger managed to distribute his talents among many campus activities. His special de- light was to be at the wheel of his car. Chemistry was Ins favorite (lass and, consequently, he plans to become a chemist. Fourth Row: Samir Jawad, Naif al-Hathal, Najib Jihad, Krikor Simonian, Basil A-Latif, Amir Michael. Third Row: Ghassan al-Barrak, Isa Jamil, Amir Tahir, Muhammad Atiyya, Hadi al-Umari, Mahran Mahranian, Zuharab Jakalian. I I I Row: Muhammad Hammudi, Munthar Naman, Hani Matlub, Fr. Second Row: Samir Salmu, Hilal Ohan, Falah Hasan, Khalid al-Bana, Fatih Ibrahim, Jawdat Rashid, Eddie Israil. Second Row: Nabil Majdalani, Mahmud Falih, Muhammad Rafiq, lyad Qassar, Basim Rassam, Sinan A-Jabbar, Zuhair Dhia.

Fuad's interests were volley- ball and basketball, in addition to reading. First Row: Usama al-Naib, Fattah Muhammad Ali, Shawqi Jurjis, Fr. rhird Row: Imad Habba, Talha al-Shawwaf, Atif Michael, Faiz al-Jaryan, Sabah Bakosc, Hikmat Maskoni, Saad A-Razzaq.

As a scientist, he looks to a future in mechanical engineering. VRAJ HARUTUNIAN A zealous and high-spirited student, Vraj was always most generous. Second Row: Muthanna Kannuna, Sinan al-Rawi, Basil al-Aswad, Wayil al-Bassam, Krikor Dramirian, Husain al-Chalabi. First Row: Riadh al-Waqil, A-Hamid Ismail, Nashat George, Fr.

Sodality Apostleship of Prayer Debating v^ J_^r\o o SAMIR HANNA Mild-mannered and soft-spoken, Sa- mir was a man full of accomplish- ments. I le expects to continue his studies at medical college. He worked in the library and on the staff of Al-Iraqi. I ii t Row: Fawzi al-Dabbagh, Ali al-Qalamchi, Nadim Adil, Fr.

Apostleship of Prayer Track BAGHDAD FUAD AL-QURALSHI A retiring, quiet person with a fine sense of humour known to his friends. Second Row: Usam Yusuf, Saad Ismail, Armin Grasimian, Sabah Faraj, Ibrahim Khalil, Imad Shakarji, George Yusuf. Fourth Row: George Henry, Alvin Albert, Nihad Mahmud, Raad A-Qadir, Talal al-Ghazal, Jones George, A-Aziz Rifat. fi J«;j 4*«U)I Aa JJl o JIa , Jp oy JI As Uill l^j JLJ jt j^j c If- J&A\j h VSS^ 3* Infill J5j -' ^ ...