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Latest news: One Plus 5T is official The excellent One Plus 5 may only be a year old, but it's now officially dead and its replacement has arrived: the One Plus 5T.

The new phone is very similar in size to the One Plus 5 but has a few new features.

And the third is that One Plus has changed the way the dual camera works.

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Lewis observed 75 years ago in one of his shortest and densest works: is divided into nine chapters, each written by a different C. Lewis’ chief concern is that children will be taught to use their heads, but not have the character to make good choices as a result of the teaching its authors put forth. In fact, Lewis’ cautions are even more needed today, as his warnings 75 years ago went largely unheeded.

These chapters cover philosophy, natural law, education, teaching English, political inclination, theology, science, techno-futurism, and how is a primary school textbook that teaches subjectivism.

It's still £449 for the regular 64GB storage model and £499 for the 128GB model meaning it retains its crown as king of the mid-range smartphones.

Click here to read our first impressions of the new handset.

Essential to the One Plus 5’s lasting appeal lies in its more wallet-pleasing asking price.

At £449, One Plus’ sixth smartphone undermines the mortgage-inducing price tag of its flagship competitors. Except in the physical sciences, objectivity is too often replaced with moral relativism, “critical theory,” and the “lived experience” of individual scholars. ” When objective truth is rejected, all foundation for virtue disappears.. Now we find ourselves in the situation Lewis foresaw—men afraid of making moral judgments; people who will say “this is wrong/right for me, but who am I to say it is so for someone else?For those wanting academic essays on Lewis, this is a fitting tribute to the 75th anniversary of a great work.The book recognizes Lewis’ impressive foresight and reminds us of the continuing need to hear Lewis’ message.The first is a glossy new 6in edge-to-edge display with a resolution of 1,080 x 2,160.