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She has always had that voice, that voice that can pierce the heart and blast the mountaintops.

But now, she has completely come into her own as one of the defining rock voices of today.

Whether you know it or not, you have internalized that basic shape. As proof of that, Barry would ask you to draw him in 15 seconds. At 15 seconds, a novice's Batman can hold his own against that of a skilled draftsperson. Okay, so maybe some people are better than others when it comes to drawing toilets. Once you’ve drawn Batman throwing up and screaming, there’s no end to the possibilities.A time constraint of that order has no room for fretting and self doubt. Barry has an even bigger collection of student work (second video above), in which you’ll find the Caped Crusader doing laundry, using a laptop, calling in sick to work, reading Understanding Comics, eating Saltines…I’m currently using mine to walk the dog out every morning in corn and bean stubble and they don’t look any worse for wear.Right from the get-go, 2016 was an unmitigated disaster. Bowie, Prince, Leonard Cohen, Phife Dawg, the dude who wrote the “Oscar Mayer Wiener Song." But then there was the unceasing conveyor belt of abject misery: Snapchat rolling out that Bob Marley filter; the apocalypse looking closer than ever as horrific rumors of an “urban” Taylor Swift album swirled ominously around the internet; someone at Shell, the oil and gas company, giving the thumbs-up on this thing; Macklemore releasing a song called “White Privilege II”; the Wu-Tang Clan entering into an honest-to-god beef with a pharmaceutical supervillain; Barney’s selling Joy Division tees for 5; Corey Feldman’s appearance on “Today”; Soulja Boy banning Shia La Beouf from the city of Atlanta. We’re not even going to mention all the grim things that happened outside the music world bubble. And the whole year would have been a wash if, beyond the hoopla and distractions, the music didn’t deliver.He may not resemble Adam West or Michael Keaton or anything artists Frank Miller or Neal Adams might render, but so what? You may notice that many of the Batmen therein sport big, round heads.

You have the ability to create a recognizable Batman because Batman’s basic shape is universally agreed upon, much like that of a car or a cat. Like the 15-second rule, this is the influence of Ivan Brunetti, author of With everyone’s Batman rocking a Charlie Brown-sized noggin and simple rubber hose style limbs, there’s less temptation to get bogged down in comparisons. We improve through practice, and you can't practice if you don't start.

This Marsh boot will outlast a mudroom full of wellies.

I’ve had a pair since late Summer’s trip to the Matapedia for Atlantic Salmon.

"The Nerve" explores her various vices, from anonymous sex ("Vice") to even positive plastic--"Pink Sunglasses" is a sassy and playful number about her celebrity status amidst personal upheaval.

By the end of the first half, she quickly realizes she doesn't have the nerve to use her heart much at all these days.

She’s made the confident decision to grow with her audience, leaving the younger party music behind for more relaxed, but no less catchy songs like “James Joint,” “Kiss It Better,” “Desperado,” “Needed Me,” and the haunting and powerful ballad “Love On The Brain.” Speaking of more relaxed, she even channeled her inner psych-rock with a respectable cover of Tame Impala’s “Same Ol’ Mistakes.” It’s also worth mentioning that Rihanna and Drake do a great job of playing top 40 Bonnie & Clyde with the one lone club hit on the album, “Work.” - wasn’t Anderson .