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It's the accent, I know, tho he's dropped it now in Alphas, so I've no idea whether of not it's genuine. I meant that he was written to be annoying with his "facts" but he didn't end up being annoying because I liked his character. And his accent is probably real, because he was born in Birmingham, England (I looked it up because I recognized him from ALPHAS.) BTW, I was surprised that ALPHAS was renewed.

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I know she’s written to be annoying, but every time I see her at the beginning of the show I sigh in frustration. Nigel-Murray is gon …(As an aside, Nigel-Murray was annoying, too, but he didn’t bug me like Daisy does.She’s like one of those little yap-yap dogs from the cartoons jumping around all bubbly.The love story was an added bonus, like in many romantic thrillers, and there are plenty of natural conflicts between Booth’s world-view and Brennan’s to keep the ebb and flow of tension. A former consultant in the California State Legislature, she lives in Northern California with her husband Dan and their five children. Bones does act TSTL in several places where it doesn't make sense for her to do it. It takes care and time to write a long-term relationship within a broader story without making it sacharine and boring. I also would have liked to see a kiss--a REAL kiss--before lights out. I also really liked how Bones admitted that she missed Christine and didn't understand the feelings.That she's clueless as far as human interaction is part of her charm. I like to imagine that there is a missing season where they had their first kiss, their first date and a whole bunch of other stuff before they got knocked up and this season started. I'm liking this new season, but I'd really like to see a bit more of their conflicts as well as their affection. I remember the first time I left my firstborn at day care and how emotionally debilitating those first few months of separation were.This is why I really respect Castle's creator, Andrew Marlowe, who has said straight out that he doesn't believe in the Moonlighting curse and that the show had been going downhill anyway. By the time the fans were cheated out of first real kisses and "I love you's," I mostly just felt bad for the fans who had been waiting for so long to see B/B get together.

He plans to keep Castle and Beckett apart only as long as it makes sense, and then he has plans for them as a couple. Getting back on topic, though: A friend and I used to be Bones fans and then finally quit around the same time, after the finale (Season 5, maybe? I started watching Bones for Boreanaz, and yes, I know he's a hound, but I loved Angel and like the men he plays on screen. Every time she opens her mouth and is all, "I'm effin' brilliant and you all are beneath me" I want to smack her upside the head with a blunt object.

There are a million little things the writers could have thrown into the flow of the crime-of-the-week.

Oh well, missed oportunities are sad, but at least they're doing a good job this season, imo.

And every time she calls Sweets “Lancelot,” I want to slap her.

When they broke up at the beginning of Season Six, I was ecstatic!

I've lost track) in which it was revealed that Booth and Brennan almost had a thing before the start of the series. I hate when books/shows set up a main character as a super special someone whom everybody loves and is loyal to when in reality, the person is an egotistical tool. And yes, so upset there was no big kiss, no declaration of love, nothing. The writers could have done so much better with it.