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But when his comedy partner was making headlines with his charity swim from England to France, Lucas confesses he was seriously tempted to steal some thunder: 'I posited the idea of auctioning off my heterosexual virginity.

But the two have never been more distant, as he reveals in a memoir, Little Me: My Life From A-Z, that uncovers their explosive backstage fights as well the manic performances that made them, briefly, the most celebrated comedy duo in the country. 'I know things that would ruin people's careers,' he mutters in the introduction.

'I certainly know things that would finish mine.'He warns readers that they'll have to pay attention to hints and asides, if they want the juiciest gossip. 'You might have to read between the lines here and there.

Lucas is happy to stoke that controversy, by revealing that when they first met at theatre school in the early Nineties, Walliams liked to scandalise: 'He'd think nothing of going out for the night in a skirt, black lipstick, fingernails painted and a clip in his hair, often with his then-girlfriend Katy on his arm. When they first met, Walliams bowled Lucas over with his Frankie Howerd impression.

He was less impressed by Matt's lukewarm attempt at Jimmy Savile.

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