Battery firmware updating

Here are the steps on how to update the DJI Spark firmware using the DJI Assistant 2 software.

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But Microsoft announced this month it was working on a firmware fix, and now it has finally released the patch.

The company provided a FAQ alongside the new update, which explains how the issue meant that many users could only use their tablets when plugged into the mains.

Step 4: After your Surface restarts, you’ll see a black screen with the Surface logo and the message that a system firmware update is being applied. IMPORTANT: Do not disconnect from AC power while the system firmware update is being applied.

Step 5: After the update has been applied, your Surface will boot back into Windows.

Question: What is firmware and why is it important to keep it updated?

Answer: Firmware is a software program embedded into your Ring Device that keeps it functioning properly.Normally this happens automatically, when the battery is inserted to drone.However, for batteries,manufactured before July 2016, manual procedure may be required to enable automatic firmware update. If you press the battery button now, it doesn’t show battery charge level.Here are the steps for the DJI Spark firmware update to bring it to the latest version.These Spark firmware instructions include updating the quadcopter, the remote controller and the Spark battery.Firmware is software which is embedded into the hardware components of you DJI Spark quadcopter.