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The film takes a look at the dubious methods employed by the French during the Algerian war and would prove to be Karina’s most political role, confirming her credentials beyond the worlds of TV advertising and fashion. Instead we like to watch movies like Singing in the Rain and Gone with the Wind.” The BFI’s Godard season runs until March, and Studio Canal will reissue the director’s full works on DVD in March. In the very beginning I just wanted to go out and play on the streets, to sing and dance and to make some money.” I wonder if she would have done anything differently; if she would give any advice to her younger self?

Did Karina have any idea of the cultural contribution she was making when first entering into her creative partnership with Godard? For instance, I might tell my younger self not to get so upset.

We saw it at my old school, I think I thought it was fine back then. I've wanted to re-watch it for quite some time now, but haven't gotten to it yet. still need to see a lot more of his stuff but he's a top 10 director easily.

Other than that I seem to be more of a fan of him going wild and surreal than his more serious/focused/dramatic attempts. The one Godard film I remember seeing has not been mentioned in this thread: Seven Years In Tibet.

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Rankings: Histoire(s) du Cinema In Praise of Love La Chinoise King Lear Nouvelle Vague Pierrot le fou Adieu au langage (I wish it was possible to see this again ) Band of Outsiders Sauve qui peut (la vie) Notre Musique Contempt 2 or 3 Things I Know About Her Week End Hail Mary A Woman is a Woman Masculin, Feminin Film Socialisme Breathless Made in USA Tout va Bien Sympathy for the Devil Le Petit Soldat Alphaville He is... A woman is a woman Alphaville Pierrot le fou Band of outsiders Vivre sa vie Contempt In praise of love Breathless Masculin, Feminin A married woman There is a common denominator in my favorite works called Anna Karina.

the only one i don't really like a whole lot is alphaville, which i don't think i really got at the time.

“Yes darling,” she says, resting a hand on my knee.

Figured we need a thread for the person who has arguably pushed film as an art form farther than any director. His 60's flicks are essential to film class everywhere and his post 60's works have been dividing critics/audiences ever since. adieu au langage pierrot le feut a woman is a woman contempt breathless band of outsiders vivre sa vie alphaville seeing adieu au langage in 3D was probably the greatest experience i've ever had in a movie theater and it's a top 3 film of all time and pierrot is probably top 10 as well.

During their four-year marriage and for a short time afterwards, they collaborated on seven critically acclaimed films that solidified Karina’s place in the cinematic hall of fame.