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Then on Athens again, on wine, on the peninsula and regional unit of Greece named Halkidiki and on democracy.Then on the Greek city Thessaloniki again, Athens again, the new subject of health and what do you know, wine again!Baring the Aegis blogger Elani Temperance blogs about her experiences within this Tradition. The second issue, 'Greece Is Athens - Summer Edition', is a treasure trove of information on Athens from past to present, distributed exclusively at the Acropolis Museum.

I even found an example of this theater at an auction site where the entire theater was made narrower (maybe to avoid the odd top strip or simply because the other images that person had required a narrower theater)???The top two examples seem to include the entire theater sheet.We're back to parts of the country now, namely Santorini again, Kos-Nisyros, and Mykonos again. Hey All - I knows it's been a few months since my last post...To view a nice selection or Schreiber reprints click HERE.

Several vintage JFS sheets can be seen and downloaded from the Dutch website "Memory of the Netherlands".There is also a nice selection of "Papieren Theaters" on the site; however there is little information listed about each one.If you see JFS marked on a sheet then it's a Schreiber.There were a number of Paper theater sheet printers across Europe in the 1800's and very early 1900's of which the German sheets from J. Vintage Schreiber sheets can be purchased on the Internet via a variety of international auction houses but many of then sell for big money; however it's still possible to pick up some of these rare treasures for reasonable prices if you keep hunting.If antique prints and prices are not your thing there are a few companies that have reprints available for the modern enthusiast.but today I have another vintage toy theater post for you to enjoy. Schreiber of Esslingen I really like the fancy elements on theaters like this one. Theater's Proscenium - that's the fancy outer portion of the stage that frames the performance.