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Will this young girl change the way Bellatrix sees the world and could Bellatrix actually fix the broken girl? OOC, AU shit until Philosopher's Stone (Minimal OOC and AU from book 1 to 7) *Ignores the Cursed Child play*Bea Smith finally decides to leave her husband.She takes her daughter and moves to South Hampton, Long Island. The process is difficult but Allie gets her through it and in the process they find love.

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It's Post DH, Harry, Hermione and Ron are back at Hogwarts to finish their NEWTS. Bad Ron, Good Ginny, Dumbledore is shown in a negative light.

Follow along as Rachel and her best friend, Blake July, tackle their senior year and navigate the crazy town that is Lima, Ohio. Unbeknownst to Bella, She is the last direct human descendant to Aro Volturi, who decides to take her back to Italy.

Senior year will forever change the lives of all involved. How will her life be affected being raised by "traditional" vampires and with such immeasurable power? Charlie feels that Bella will be able to get over the Cullens, if they move to Italy.

How will their friends and families react when they hear the news? Mitchsen femslash AU Rachel comes to Lima to hide from her past. Pezberry Endgame Allie does not get a hot shot & Bea doesn't get stabbed to death by the freak. Bea wakes up in Allie's arms after their first night together, but soon remembers that she gave up Tog Dog and now must be held accountable for lagging directly to the Governor. What will be Bea's punishment be and who will give it to her? When the summer before senior years starts Rachel received a phone call and a request that will change everything. A year after the final Battle she bumps into old enemies who become new friends, despite her choice in profession. : Months prior to going to Hogwarts Hermione is found by her real family. (Bella/OC and Bella/OC/Tanya)I let myself go, feeling my heart slow and vision go dark, and hear the air leave my lungs in one last breath... When a younger Clarke got sent to the ground alone she meets a clan, let's just say that Clarke grew up with some... "Now, Clarke of the kru that is dead and traitorous, do you wish to join me?

What happens when she gets involved with the New Directions and discovers not everyone is who they say they are? Will she be able to protect herself and her new friends? Imagine if the twilight series happened but Edward ended up with Angela instead? Brittberry by request, mostly canon up to this point, AU from the start. When Quinn and Santana catch wind that Rachel's going to lose her virginity to Finn they decide to step in and prove that they're better. Can she get past her past and start over in the wizarding world and will her newest truest friend end up as more? Cissa Mione fic Esme has proven time and time again to be the perfect mother and wife, never pausing to think about herself only others, so what happens when a new foster child finally begins to show her she deserves affection. How will her old life prior to her new affect how she reacts to them? My life flashes before my eyes in a second, speeding through so fast I can't distinguish one shape from another, before cold washes over me and I burst out of the water, gasping for breath and looking around to see if anyone saw. "Morning twilight; a starlit sky; to have you; to hold you; to love you; forever...bound. Remains canon compliant through books not Pottermore.What Charlie doesn't know is that Bella's been making herself get over them in her own way.When Bella meets a very special someone one night, she realizes that was all she needed to get better. Beca isn't your usual girl, the women in her bloodline carry a special blessing granted to them long ago by a Fae woman after an ancestor saved her from a vile man.But all is not well in paradise, Hermione and Ron are dating and Harry is distant. Inspired by Cragglerock82's excellent HP and the Jade Dragon. Firefighter Bea Smith and her crew at Wentworth Fire Station are called to a fire at a derelict warehouse in the early hours.Allie Novak is tired of living on the streets and sleeping in doorways.I've been alone for centuries…a rogue wolf, with no one or nothing to live for, and frankly, I don't give a damn anymore. Voldermort is back and the entire wizarding world knows, Hermione is with Pansy and Harry with Cho. This changes on one fateful day but she can't stay. Hermione's life will forever change when she learns of her parentage and the bond that will leave the entire wizarding world shaking.