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The parliamentarians were told that the involvement of Pakistan in the manufacture and supply of FICN has confirmed its use in terror financing activity in India.

It's no secret that Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) pushes in counterfeit currency notes into India to destabilise the country's economy as well as to finance terror operations.

In their submission to the Parliament committee, the security officials also informed the members about their counter intelligence operations in this area.

The members were informed that R&AW had disrupted 16 modules in the past three years and made a large seizure of FICN in the neighbouring country.

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If you are in an area affected by a cyclone, you should follow the advice of the local autho...Since 28 December 2017 there have been demonstrations in several cities across Iran.These protests remain unpredictable and there have been reports of violence and fatalities.A detailed forensic analysis by the NIA has revealed that the paper used to print the counterfeit rupee notes is an excellent match with the legal tender of Pakistan.The NIA's explosive conclusion was recently revealed to Parliament's Standing Committee on Finance by the country's top intelligence agencies - the Research and Analysis Wing (R&AW), the Intelligence Bureau (IB), and the Department of Revenue Intelligence (DRI).Read More Violent protests and demonstrations occured across Israel, the West Bank and Gaza, including at checkpoints in December 2017.