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She is a woman that particular men would like to fuck, an attractive blond that has large tits.This lady delights in having her own twat screwed very hard.But as the report documented, Bowdoin’s own policies have done much to set the stage for the behaviors administrators there say they deplore.


If Dartmouth wants to curb drinking, how about a policy that says any underage student found with a blood alcohol level of .05 will be put on suspension and a second infraction will result in expulsion — and mandatory expulsion for any student who provides alcohol to someone underage?Harsh, yes — but you can bet students would be a lot more careful about their drinking habits.As for assault, stop the drinking, and there will be fewer sexual assaults.But it also would help if student orientation sessions that emphasize the importance of consent in sexual relations spent some time exploring the negative consequences of hooking up.Bowdoin banned fraternities years ago, but binge drinking and sexual assaults didn’t disappear along with the Greek system.

The study is an indictment of the permissive culture that obtains not just at Bowdoin, but at most elite schools (and not a few less competitive ones) nationwide.

Last year, the National Association of Scholars issued a scathing report on similar goings-on at another elite school, Bowdoin College in Maine.

Like Dartmouth, Bowdoin considers itself a progressive school with a mission to embrace “diversity” and tolerance.

What they found was that hooking up — defined as “physical contact with no expectation of emotional attachment or continuing social relationship” — was endemic.

And the school, by promoting sexual license with no social stigma or normative standards through heavily sexualized student orientation sessions and in the curriculum, made things worse.

“Sexual freedom at Bowdoin results in sex that is frequent but often impersonal, mechanistic, acquisitive and accompanied by consumption of large amounts of alcohol,” the study notes.