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Hours later, reports said, Iraqi jets raided an Iranian oil terminal, setting three supertankers on fire. ] A Sikh militant arrested in India near Amritsar, was suspected of masterminding the killings of 50 people, including the slaying of 14 Hindu bus passengers last month. Deaver said the former deputy White House chief of staff lied in sworn testimony before a subcommittee.

The Punjab police announced the capture of the militant, Tarsem Singh Kuhar, and 20 members of his gang. The panel asked that an independent counsel investigate the possibility of perjury charges against Mr. heart surgery deaths says that more than half of the 134 patients studied had died following ''preventable errors.'' A hearing on an internal audit of 21 Veterans Administration heart surgery units with higher than normal mortality rates was held by a House panel. ] A smoking ban on all domestic flights was recommended in a report by the National Academy of Sciences, which concluded that smoke in large jetliners is harmful to health and safety.

He opened his news conference with a plea for Senate endorsement of his 0 million aid request for Nicaraguan rebels. ] Proposed aid for Nicaraguan rebels survived a test in the Senate.

The Senate voted 54 to 46 to kill an amendment that would have eliminated the 0 million the Reagan Administration proposes to give the rebels.

In addition to reducing the 1987 budget for the space-based missile defense program, the House also required adherence to the limits of the 1979 strategic arms treaty. ] Two days of arms-control talks between United States and Soviet officials ended in Moscow. ] President Reagan endorsed a call for Western nations to meet with South Africa to seek to resolve the crisis there.

In a vote of 239 to 176, generally along party lines, the Democratic-controlled House cut the ''Star Wars'' budget to .1 billion, just barely above last year's allocation. Both sides declined to say whether they had narrowed differences and improved the chances for a meeting later this year between President Reagan and Mikhail S. He also said in his televised news conference from Chicago that he strongly opposed economic sanctions against South Africa and that many black leaders there agreed with him.

Here several antennas that take part of ALMA as well as APEX can be seen pointing to the sky. During the day the webcam shows the last frame before sunrise.

The red letters indicate telescopes that are observing right now (T—the ESO 3.6-metre telescope, N— New Technology Telescope and D—the MPG/ESO 2.2-metre telescope). The organization is perfect, a friendly and skilled staff is always ready to meet even the most demanding needs, moreover thanks to favourable climatic conditions natural snowfalls are plentiful, should they be lacking a good supply is serviced by snow guns for great coverage (about 80% of the trails).The offer also includes: ample car parking spaces located near the ski center, ski schools, a Baby Camp School, a rich program of entertainment activities, ski equipment rental services, all necessary equipment for the other winter activities and the unique opportunity to immortalize the own experience through helmets equipped with cameras.Winter sports in Montreux Riviera Looking for something to do in winter?Montreux Riviera offers a wide range of outdoor activities including downhill and cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, ice skating and more...The gunman, armed with two handguns, was identified by the police as Van Hull, 29 years old, of Brooklyn. ] The climate of doing city business is more cautious than it was seven months ago, before the city government corruption scandal.